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Automatic Special Equipment

  • Multiple-headed Spot-welder

    Multiple-headed Spot-welder

    The PM40-4 Multiple-headed spot-welder is a semi-automatic special equipment that is automatically opened and welded with the slide table automatically after welding the box body after manual feeding. In addition to manual work on the workpiece, the rest of the machine is...Read More
  • Automatic Dividing and Cutting Machine

    Automatic Dividing and Cutting Machine

    The automatic cutting machine for capacitance guide is a special automatic equipment for automatic welding of guide film and aluminum foil and cutting off the folded edge in the capacitance industry. This manual will start rolling machine in addition to aluminum foil, rolling...Read More
  • Automatic Rolling Welding Machine

    Automatic Rolling Welding Machine

    The machine is mainly applied to the amorphous silicon in the solar energy industry and the welding aluminum strip of the film battery. Automatic feeding, automatic welding and automatic discharging. The machine is composed of a single ultrasonic welding machine, welding...Read More
  • Carbon Brush Automatic Milling Machine

    Carbon Brush Automatic Milling Machine

    The press is used for grinding motor carbon brushes. The machine has the function of automatic control of grinding process, and the grinding carbon powder can be automatically recovered. technical parameters 1. Grinding motor power: 80W 2. The grinding stroke: 0 ~ 5mm 3....Read More
  • Solar Cell Automatic Welding Seaming Production Line

    Solar Cell Automatic Welding Seaming Production Line

    The automatic welding line production line is mainly used for the welding and closing of the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells. The main production processes: drainage strip welding, transmission and control, test bench with bus bar insulation cover tape, welding,...Read More
  • Pole Piece Automatic forming Machine

    Pole Piece Automatic forming Machine

    The automatic pole forming machine for lithium ion battery is a special automation equipment for battery industry, including automatic coating, automatic alignment and welding to pole piece, pole piece automatic glue and pole piece auto winding. Cutting-typ:In addition to the...Read More
  • Semi-automatic Winding Machine

    Semi-automatic Winding Machine

    Cylinder Li-ion cell semi-automatic winding machine is a semi-automatic coiling special production equipment for cylindrical lithium ion battery core, the machine uses artificial upper pole plate, automatic winding, automatic coiling needle, automatic termination paste tape...Read More
  • Adhesive Tape Pasting Machine

    Adhesive Tape Pasting Machine

    JZ-4 type adhesive tape sticker is a kind of automatic equipment in battery industry, which stickup and parcel on metal belt. In addition to the starting manual loading, the rest of the machine is controlled by PLC. It can automatically strip, straighten and cut off the metal...Read More
  • Automatic Engraving Machine

    Automatic Engraving Machine

    A copper hobbing machine is a semi automatic device used to engraved the character of the workpiece on the surface of the workpiece. The machine is equipped with vibrating hopper, achieve automatic feeding, but need to manually change fonts, font and manual adjustment of the...Read More
  • Commutator Automatic Welder

    Commutator Automatic Welder

    PTZ50Q type Commutator in motor vehicle, electric welding machine practical tools and micro motor DC motor manufacturer of welding armature lead to special equipment of its commutator. In addition to the initial manual loading alignment, the rest of the equipment is...Read More
  • Capacitance Automatic Welding Machine

    Capacitance Automatic Welding Machine

    JDR-2 capacitance flow deflector automatic welder in the capacitor industry, the guide plate and aluminum foil are automatically welded and the automatic equipment is cut off. This manual will start rolling machine in addition to aluminum foil, rolling strip mounted on the...Read More
  • Double-position Automatic Seam Welder

    Double-position Automatic Seam Welder

    PGN2-1Double-position automatic seam welder is suitable for the manufacture of automobile exhaust purification equipment in the automobile industry. It has a stable frame structure, high efficiency welding speed and stable welding quality. The two groups of welding machines...Read More
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