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Daily maintenance and cleaning of spot welder
Apr 09, 2018

Safe use of spot welding machine is each of us in the use of the spot welding or ordinary workers must know well remember, then what is the use of spot welding machine is right, it's safe operating practices what is that? How can we be prepared before soldering to ensure that we are safe for ourselves and others? Here are a few caveats about the cleanup before work and the electricity check.

Said we are preparing for cleaning before welding that is indispensable, upper and lower two electrodes place frequently, foreign bodies, such as grease, etc., which requires we often clean up, may be in the life, this is a small thing, but may be because it cause we are in the safe use of spot welding machine malfunction, cleaning is very easy, but we must be long to do. Electricity check is we have to use spot welding machine, which is an important link in the use of spot welding machine, electric equipment may sometimes have dew electricity phenomenon, and of course our pneumatic system may also have such as leakage phenomenon, so we must be prepared to check before use, so as to ensure the safety of our production.

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