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Fault analysis of ultrasonic metal welding machine
Apr 09, 2018

1, fever

The welding head will have a certain heating phenomenon when working, which is due to the mechanical loss of the material itself and the heat conduction of welding parts. Welding hot hair is normal judgment standard for no load (i.e., no contact with the workpiece), emit ultrasonic continuous half an hour or more, the temperature will not be able to more than 50-70 ℃, such as fever, welding head has been damaged or material is unqualified, need to change.

2. The noise

The following reasons should be analyzed when the work of welding head is called:

Whether the mounting screws have been loosened.

Whether the welding head produces cracks.

Whether the welding head is in contact with an object that should not be contacted.

3, overload

When an overload alarm is issued by the generator, it should be checked as follows:

No load test, if the working current is normal, it may be that the welding head is in contact with the non-contact object or the parameter adjustment between the welding head and the welding socket is out of order.

(2) the no-load test is abnormal, should first observe the welding head if there is a crack, whether the installation is firm, and then remove the welding head no-load test, rule out whether transducer + horns appear problem, to rule out step by step. Remove the possibility of failure of the transducer + transformer and replace the new welding head to judge.

(3) sometimes no-load test is normal, and does not work, it is possible that welding internal changes, the first original sound energy leads to poor sound energy transfer, there is a relatively simple judgment method: hand touching. Normal working of the surface of the welding head or the amplitude when the amplitude is very uniform, hand is silky smooth to the touch, when poor sound energy transfer, with the hand touch can have the feeling of bubbles or burr, would then use method to eliminate defective parts. Generator is not normal, also can produce the same situation, because normally detect transducer input waveform should be smooth sine wave, when on the sine wave peak or abnormal waveform can also produce this kind of phenomenon, then can replace with another training sound energy components to identify.

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