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Installation and maintenance of spot welder
Apr 09, 2018

The welder must be properly grounded before it can be used to ensure personal safety. Prior to use of the welder, the insulation resistance between the high voltage side of the welder and the casing is not less than 2.5 megabytes before the welding machine is used. Please cut off the power before opening the box. Welding machine first after water, no water is strictly prohibited. The cooling water shall be guaranteed to supply 5 to 30 of industrial water under water pressure of 0.15--0.2MPa. After the winter soldering machine is finished, use compressed air to clean the water in the pipe so as not to freeze the water pipe.

The welding line should not be too long, the voltage drop of welding shall not be greater than 5% of the initial voltage, and the initial voltage shall not deviate from the power supply voltage of plus or minus 10%. Gloves, aprons and protective glasses should be worn during the operation of the welder to prevent the sparks from burning. The sliding part should be well lubricated, and the metal spray should be cleaned after use. New welding machine began to use after 24 hours, all parts shall be screw fastening, especially pay attention to the connection between soft and copper electrode screws must be tightened well, after use often should remove oxide electrode bar and electrode arm, to ensure good contact.

When the welding machine is used, it is found that the ac contactor is not solid, indicating that the power grid voltage is too low. The user should first solve the power supply problem, and the power supply can be used after normal. It should be pointed out that the newly purchased welder can replace the new welder or replace the main part within half a month if the main part quality problem occurs. The main part of the welding machine is guaranteed for one year, providing maintenance service for a long time. Generally, after the user notifies the factory, the service is in place within three to seven days. The welder damage caused by the user is not covered by the warranty. Vulnerable parts and consumption items are not covered by warranty.

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