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Rebar spot welder
Apr 09, 2018

1. There are many types of spot welder for spot welder, which can be divided into four kinds: labor frequency, capacitor energy storage, secondary rectifier, dc shock wave, etc. The electrode type can be divided into single head, double head and three kinds. The structure can be divided into three types: fixed, suspended and portable; It can be divided into three kinds: lever type, air pressure type and hydraulic type. There are also some variant products such as steel mesh sheet forming machine, numerical control program control point welding machine, etc.

The spot welding machine, spot welding machine type model or the JB1475-81 regulations establishment method, type, code-named DN, the main parameter code to nominal capacity, said that is commonly used in steel welding wieDN short arm stationary and DN3 series more than long arm stationary and DN7 series spot welding machine.

Construction and working principle of reinforcement spot welder.

1. The construction of reinforced spot welder is mainly composed of spot welding transformer, electrode arm, lever system, grading switch and cooling system.

2, the working principle of spot welding, the surface clean up good flat reinforced composite together placed between two electrodes, and the waste pedal, make the intersection of two steel bar contact closely, and circuit breaker contact, make steel intersection turning on the power supply in a short period of time to produce large amounts of heat resistance, reinforced quickly heated to the melting point and in the melting state. Release the pedal, the circuit breaker cuts off the current with the lever drop, and under pressure, the molten steel bonding point cools and condenses into a soldering point.

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