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The origin of ultrasonic metal welding
Apr 09, 2018

Ultrasonic metal welding machine :Ultrasonic metal welding machine, Ultrasonic metal welding was discovered by accident in the 1830s. Ultrasonic metal cold welding technology was developed when the current spot welding electrode and ultrasonic vibration test were performed. Although ultrasonic welding is early, but so far, its mechanism is not very clear.

It is similar to friction welding, but there is a difference, ultrasonic welding time is very short, temperature is lower than recrystallization; It is not the same as pressure welding because the static pressure is much smaller than the pressure welding. It is generally believed in the initial stage in the process of ultrasonic welding and tangential vibration out on the surface of the metal oxide, and is prominent part of the rough surface micro welding and destruction process of repeatedly and make contact area increases, at the same time make the welding zone temperature, plastic deformation in welding interface. In this way, the welding spot is formed when the contact pressure is close to the distance where the atomic force can be applied. Too long welding time, or ultrasonic amplitude over the assembly to reduce welding strength, or even damage.

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