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Troubleshooting the spot welder
Apr 09, 2018

1. Pedal welding machine does not work, the power indicator is not bright:

A. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal; Check whether the control system is normal.

B. Check whether the foot switch contact, ac contactor contact, and split shift switch are in good contact or burn.

2. The power indicator light is on, and the workpiece is pressed and not welded:

A. Check whether the pedal stroke is in place and whether the foot switch is in good contact.

B. Check whether the pressure lever spring screws are properly adjusted.

3. Improper spatter during welding:

A. Check whether the electrode head is oxidized seriously.

B. Check whether the welding parts have serious corrosion contact.

C. Check whether the adjustment switch is too high.

D. Check whether the electrode pressure is too small and the welding procedure is correct.

4. The welding spot is badly dented and there are extrusions:

A. Check whether the current is too large.

B. Check whether the welder is uneven.

C. Check whether the electrode pressure is too large, and the shape and section of the electrode is suitable.

5. Insufficient strength of welding parts:

A. Check whether the electrode pressure is too small and check whether the electrode rod is fastened properly.

B. Check whether the welding energy is too small, and the welding parts are seriously corroded, which makes the solder contact poor.

C. Check whether there is too much oxide between electrode head and electrode rod, electrode rod and electrode arm.

D. Check whether the head section of the electrode is increased due to wear, resulting in reduced welding energy.

E. Check whether the electrode and copper soft joint and binding surface are seriously oxidized.

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