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Ultrasonic metal welding machine technical requirements
Apr 09, 2018

First of all, the way of working is different. Usually, the vibration direction of the welding head in ultrasonic plastic welding is perpendicular to the welding position, and the vibration direction of the welding head in ultrasonic metal welding is parallel to the welding position. In some special cases, plastic welding can also be used in parallel directions, such as thinner plastic parts.

2. Secondly, ultrasonic welding technology is required for ultrasonic welding because of its application in welding metal. Compared with ordinary plastic welding, the requirements of power capacity, power density, stability and automation control are not the same level. Now the domestic ultrasonic plastic welding generator generally adopt autonomous circuit, typical representative is: 8400, 8700, the whole bridge circuit and Taiwan machine commonly used half bridge circuit, marked characteristics as a tuning inductance. If the existing mature technology used for plastic welding is transferred directly to metal welding, its technical deficiency will lead to the unstable use of the product. Its only advantage is that the price is cheap, but the advantage of the high demand for soldering itself is very pale.

1. High power capacity and stable ultrasonic generator:

The first requirement of a stable ultrasonic generator is: automatic frequency tracking. The frequency automatic tracking can ensure that the transducer system can work in the resonant state, that is, the maximum amplitude of the welding head. It is the basic requirement for metal welding to adopt the frequency automatic tracking technology to replace the mold and work without frequency modulation. The equipment with adjustable inductance manual frequency modulation can hardly meet the requirements.

The stable ultrasonic generator is also required: the constant amplitude function and the amplitude of the ungraded adjustable. The constant amplitude function ensures the consistency of welding and is the key to stable production. The ungraded amplitude of the amplitude can be used to ensure the basic use of equipment. For example, by adjusting the parameters on the same equipment, it can weld copper and aluminum.

High power capacity: metal welding is relatively high in energy density compared to plastic welding. It is necessary to have relatively high power capacity, such as 20kHz machine, which basically requires power capacity of over 3000W. Many companies often have false claims about power capacity, so we just need to compare them with the plastic welder they make, because the plastic welder is too high to be believed.

2. High quality welding head: metal welding is used for industrial purposes, which must require high life welding head.

3. High quality transducer: for example, 20kHz transducer must be able to withstand over 3kw load for a long time. A lot of company's transducer, the transducer that USES ordinary plastic welding, the appearance is very difficult to distinguish, this is irresponsible practice.

4. Quality control system: it has three basic control modes: welding energy, time and height, and various quality control software can meet different needs.

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