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Application Of Medium Frequency Spot Welding Machine In Automobile Industry
May 17, 2018

With the rapid development of automobile industry, the safety of vehicle body structure and the application of new materials pose new challenges to the welding technology of body in white. For welding with coated steel plate, coated steel plate, multilayer board and different material plate, traditional frequency welding machine is difficult to meet the requirements of welding. It is a kind of advanced welding technology and welding equipment, such as medium frequency welding machine and laser welding machine.

In recent years, some foreign production enterprises with large automobile volume have used intermediate frequency spot welding robot and servo technology spot welding robot for car body in white welding line. Especially in Europe, the use of intermediate frequency spot welding robot has accounted for 40% and expanded to the spot welding operation of aluminum alloy car body. The domestic medium frequency welder has also been more and more widely used in the major automobile factories, such as the FAW Volkswagen, Chery automobile, Beijing modern, Dongfeng Nissan and other manufacturers have applied the medium frequency welding machine to automatic line welding or artificial spot welding.

Compared with the traditional power frequency welder, the biggest advantage of the intermediate frequency welder is that the DC polarity is good and the welding quality is good. Taking the application of RexrothPSQ6000 medium frequency welder in Chery automobile A5 BIW production line as an example, the good welding quality performance of intermediate frequency welder is explained.

In the A5 BIW production line, the main workstation of the skeleton is welded by the power frequency welder. At the left and right sides of the workstation, 10 solder joints are welded to four plates, and the total thickness of the four panels is 5.5mm. The welding quality of the solder joints is very unstable. When the welding current is too large, it will cause burn point or burn point of the solder joint. When the welding current is adjusted, it will cause weak welding or false welding. No matter how to adjust the welding parameters, it is impossible to get a stable welding spot quality, because not only the thickness of the plate, the number of plates, but also the assembly gap in assembly, and the frequency welding machine can not automatically adjust the welding parameters to ensure the welding quality according to the actual assembly state. In this regard, the RexrothPSQ6000 intermediate frequency welder can overcome the defects of the power frequency welder.