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Automatic Welding Device For Automatic Spot Welding Machine
Jun 14, 2018

Automatic welding device for automatic spot welding machine:
In the automatic welding machine system, in order to improve the welding efficiency, automatic welding is often made in order to improve the welding efficiency. It mainly includes the top position, the clamping position, the welding position, the cooling position, the position of the detection and the lower material, thus forming a complete set of automatic system, which can complete the workpiece from assembly, welding, and output in one time. Work. The right picture is a three position automatic welding machine with push rod and push plate. It has feeding, cutting position, welding position and detection position. In the automatic welding machine system composed of welding robots, double or multi position welding is often used. In the range of long arm coverage of the robot, it can be converted from one station to another, so as to achieve multi position welding.
The welding work of parts often includes one or more welds, and often includes several parts to weld into one part. For example, our commonly used water heater inner gallbladder, car tank barrel, etc., including the straight seam welding after the steel plate rolls round, welded joint between the ends of the end and the barrel, welding the outlet of the nozzle or outlet and the ring joint of the barrel or end cover, welding of the inner liner or cylinder, and the group welding is completed as a part, that is the inner tank of the water heater or the gas storage cylinder. In order to achieve the automatic completion of each welding process, it is necessary to automatically convert from one station to another, thus forming a pipelined production operation to achieve automatic welding.