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Limitation Of The Function Of Traditional Spot Welding Machine
Jul 09, 2018

The function of the traditional spot welder is realized by many analog and logical circuits. If every additional function is added, a lot of components will be added. In this way, a lot of circuit boards are needed to have more than two functions. This will not only increase the cost of the spot welder greatly, but also the performance and reliability of the spot welder will follow the components. As the number of parts increases rapidly, the traditional spot welding machine is difficult to integrate a variety of welding functions.

The function of the digital spot welder is realized by software. The function of the spot welder only needs to change its software. The function modules are independent of each other at this time. If the new function is to be added completely, the original function and performance are not affected, so the function of the digital spot welder can be done very well. For example, the Nebula series spot welder has eight kinds of welding methods: hand welding of drug skin, direct current argon arc welding, pulsed argon arc welding, argon arc spot welding, gas shielded welding (CO2, MIG, MAG), pulse gas shielded welding and double pulse gas shielded welding and carbon arc gouging. Each of these functions has a lot of adjustable parameters. The user can use the default parameters of the system to set up the welding machine very conveniently, and the spot welder can be fine adjusted according to the different welding requirements, so that it can achieve the best welding effect.