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How To Deal With Oil Leakage Of Spot Welding Machine
Dec 12, 2018

Oil leakage of spot welding machine. Turntable oil turns the cylinder to drive it. The oil pollution caused by applying lubricating oil in mechanical transmission is avoided. Improvement of welding die can be applied to other occasions where sealing welding is needed. Medium frequency inversion spot welding machine can be selected for special alloy materials requiring high precision and high standard welding, and some better welding controllers can be used for matching spot welding machine. The size of current has a direct relationship with the old and new degree of spot welding machine. After long-term test by our engineers, using spot welding machine for more than three months, the size of no-load current is between 8A and 15A, and sometimes even higher. Now we take 11A as an example, through long-term experimental observation of different types of enterprises, spot welding machine with working time of more than 8 hours, because of Operators need to adjust the position of the welded workpiece or temporarily change to other work and other factors found that the accumulated no-load of spot welding machine is more than 4 hours. When spot welding machine spot welding, the heat generated by strict control will form one of its core solder joints. Most of the heat will be lost in the way. After strict scientific calculation, the formula of heat balance is Q=Q1+Q2. Among them, Q1-the heat of forming nugget and Q2-the heat lost. The heat to form a nugget depends on the thermophysical properties of the metal and the heat needed to melt the metal. Q1 = 10% - 30% Q is the lower limit for the metal with good thermal conductivity, and the upper limit for the metal with poor thermal conductivity. The heat loss Q2 mainly includes the heat transmitted through the electrode and the heat transmitted through the workpiece. Welding cycle of spot welder can be divided into two main types and four basic stages. The two main types are spot welding and bump welding. We mainly introduce four basic stages: the time when the electrodes begin to lift and the electrodes begin to drop again. After this period, the next welding cycle begins. _During the pre-pressing stage of spot welding, the gap between thick workpieces should be eliminated to make them close to each other. Spark splash should be prevented when heating, forging pressure should be increased to compact the nucleus and prevent cracks or shrinkage holes. There are many studies in the welding process that need our in-depth study.