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How To Evaluate The Weldability Of Spot Welder?
Nov 16, 2018

Weldability of spot welding machine is the main index to evaluate the weldability of resistance welding: (1) Conductivity and thermal conductivity of spot welding machine materials; (2) Metals with low resistivity and high thermal conductivity need high-power welding machine, and its weldability is poor. 2. High temperature strength of materials high temperature (0.5-0.7Tm) metal with high yield strength is prone to spatter, shrinkage, cracks and other defects during spot welding, which requires the use of large electrode pressure. If necessary, large forging pressure should be applied after power failure, and weldability is poor. 3. Metals with narrow plastic temperature range (e.g. aluminium alloy) are very sensitive to the fluctuation of welding process parameters. It is required to use a welding machine that can accurately control the process parameters and to have a good follow-up of the electrodes. Poor weldability. 4. Sensitivity of spot welding machine materials to thermal cycle Under the influence of welding thermal cycle, metals with quenching tendency are prone to produce hardened structure and cold cracks; alloys with fusible impurities are prone to form low melting point hot cracks; metals strengthened by cooling are prone to produce softening zone. To prevent these defects, corresponding technological measures should be taken. Therefore, the weldability of metals with high thermal cycle sensitivity is also poor ______85 Electrify check electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, gas path system and body shell leakage. 2. indoor temperature should not be below 15 C. 3. Before starting, turn on the control circuit switch and the small welding current switch, install the position of the brake knife of the extreme number adjusting switch, connect the water source and air source, and adjust the knobs on the control box. The electrode contacts are kept clean. 4.. The spot welding machine controlled by pneumatic pedal should check the pipeline without air leakage and impurity blockage. Two. Points for attention in welding. When the welder of 1. spot welder works, the gas path and water cooling system are clear. Gases should not contain water. The drainage temperature is not more than 40 degrees, and the flow rate is regulated according to the regulations. The piston and lining rings of bearing hinges and cylinders should be lubricated periodically. 2. (3.) the working stroke adjusting nut (under the cylinder block) of the upper electrode must be tightened. The electrode pressure can be adjusted according to the requirements of the welding specification by rotating the handle of the reducing valve. 4.. It is strictly prohibited to increase fuses in the ignition circuit to prevent damage to ignition tubes and silicon rectifiers. When the load is too small, the arc in the igniting tube can not occur.