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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Spot Welder
Nov 16, 2018

The PVW-CD type 3K spot welding machine is suitable for high temperature spot welding of battery pack and is not suitable for low temperature spot welding. Two. Pre work preparation: check 2-1 to check whether the supply voltage is in line with the machine. 2-2 Grind the copper rod well. The spot welded joints of the two copper rods should not be larger than the positive and extreme sides of the battery, and be leveled and locked with fixtures. Check whether 2-3 parts are loose or not. Three, wiring method: 3-1, connect the trachea and adjust the air pressure to about 0.15-0.25MPa. _3-2 Connect the power supply, cut the energy storage switch to ON position, then set the energy storage voltage to 160-180, the pre-voltage time to 3-5 sec, and the pressurization time to 2-4 sec. 3-3 will make the switch to ON position, in spot welding and switch to the welding position, adjust the spot welding machine will switch to adjust the position. _3-4 Point the conductive terminals on the terminal seat to the copper rod of the spot welding machine. One copper rod is spot-welded on the battery cathode cap. The other copper rod is spot-welded on the conductive terminals in the terminal seat, and the pedals are spot-welded. _3-5 Check whether the film is firm. Method: Remove the conductive film. If there are two obvious holes, it will prove firm, and vice versa. Four, exception handling: 4-1, if there is any abnormal operation, turn off the power supply first. _4-2 If the welding is not strong, the roughness, current, voltage, pre-pressing time and pressure time of copper rod should be analyzed. _4-3 Any abnormal sound in the machine should be stopped immediately and notified to the professionals for repair. If there is Mars in 4-4 operation, it may be that the copper rod is thicker or the end of the copper rod is aligned with the positive and conductive end of the battery during spot welding. Five, cleaning and maintenance: 5-1. Energy storage voltage, preloading time, pressure time and air pressure should not be adjusted at 5-2. Oil-water separator on spot welder should discharge water 1-2 times a day to ensure the work of solenoid valve of spot welder. The 5-4 spot welding machine should be kept clean every day to ensure life.