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Is Spot Welder A Welder?
Apr 09, 2018

Many people think spot welding is the welding machine, actually this cognitive is wrong, actually spot welder is spot welding machine, welding machine is a welder, they both have big difference, the following introduce the difference between them for you.

Welding and spot welding principle distinction: electric welding machine is the use of the positive and negative poles in instantaneous short circuit which is caused by high temperature arc to melt the solder on the welding electrode and welding materials, make be contact with the combination of purpose. Its structure is very simple, is a big power transformer. Electric welding machine generally according to output power type can be divided into two kinds, one is ac power, one is direct current.

Welding machine advantages: welding machine use of electrical energy, electric energy instantly converted into heat energy, electricity is very common, electric welding machine is suitable for work in a dry environment, do not need too many requirements, due to the small size, simple operation, easy to use, fast, after welding seam strong advantages are widely used in various fields, especially for practical require high strength parts. Shortcomings are: electric welding machine in the process of using welding machine will produce a magnetic field around, arc combustion would produce radiation into the surrounding, arc of infrared, ultraviolet light, such as and harmful material such as metal steam and smoke, so operation must do enough protective measures. Welding is not suitable for high carbon steel welding, such as welding weld metal crystallization and segregation and oxidation process, for high carbon steel welding performance is bad, easy to crack, after welding hot crack and cold crack.