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Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-d740 Of Spot Welding Machine And Traditional General Inverter Phase
Dec 12, 2018

The Mitsubishi frequency converter fr-d740 of spot welding machine has the following advantages compared with the traditional universal frequency converter: (a) flexible function design, functional design according to the needs of customers_b. simple communication interface, avoiding a large number of wiring_c. low cost, removing the excess resources of the universal frequency converter, greatly saving the cost_d. Higher driving efficiency, for different motors into. Line design cylinder According to the requirements, the functions of the cylinders we use are different, so some cylinders do not have in-situ switches, so we should pay special attention to the design of the program. 3. Magnetic switch and proximity sensor We pass the signals detected by this line switch and proximity sensor to the PLC, and then control the next action. The choice of this line switch depends on the type of cylinder, and proximity sensor is determined by the distance and the size of equipment design. The control panel box of spot welding machine (possibly with control screen, man-machine screen, product selection). We need to install manual automatic knob, start button and reset button on the control panel box. There are also two knobs for forward and reverse control of each cylinder and motor in manual mode. If different types of exhaust pipes are produced in the future, it is necessary to install a control panel, which can increase the function of type selection by adding a man-machine interface, so as to meet the demand of producing multiple types of the same equipment. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and high reliability are the key performance of electrical control equipment. Because of the continuity of the production process and the serious electromagnetic interference in the production site, in view of this situation, the PLC programmable controller of spot welding machine adopts large-scale integrated circuit technology, adopts strict production process, adopts advanced anti-interference technology in the internal circuit, and has high reliability. Reliability is taken as the primary condition for selecting control devices. In terms of hardware, high-quality devices are selected, reasonable system structure is adopted, and installation is strengthened and simplified. A series of anti-interference measures are adopted in both hardware and software.