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Present Situation And Development Of Automation Welding Equipment In Shipbuilding Industry
Apr 09, 2018

The application of "robots" will revolutionize the construction of ships. As the labor labor costs rise, the ship companies adopt the automatic welding equipment is the trend of The Times, the future shipbuilding enterprises must rely on shipbuilding efficiency and reduce labor costs, reduce management costs, improve product quality to win the market.

Shipbuilding production in our country and won the top of the world at the same time, people was embarrassed to discover that past domestic shipping enterprise proud of artificial cost was lower than those of Japan, South Korea and other countries of advanced shipbuilding enterprise's competitive advantage, already no longer. In the past two years, the "labor shortage" in the southeast coastal areas of China has spread to shipbuilding enterprises, and China's "demographic dividend" is gradually disappearing. The "labor shortage" of Chinese ship enterprises with high skill talents is particularly prominent. Survey data show that most of the ship companies in China are very large in high-skilled talent gap, especially among the main shipbuilding production engineering services, the proportion of senior workers tend to be less than 10%, many companies and even lower than 5% under the new circumstances, the ship companies through advanced technology and equipment to advanced curing of ship construction process, to reduce the adverse impact of human factors, improve the quality, progress, steady security, win benefit.

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