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Safe Use Of Spot Welder
Apr 09, 2018

1. The site shall be equipped with a waterproof, moisture-proof and sunproof hangar, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment shall be installed.

2. No oil, wood, oxygen cylinder, acetylene generator and other inflammable and explosive materials can be piled up within 10 meters of the welding site.

3. The welding operation and coordination personnel shall wear labor protection articles according to the regulations. The safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock, falling in high altitude and fire in gas.

4. The copper plate should be pressed tightly with the secondary tap, and the terminal should be gasket. Before closing, check the wiring nut, bolts and other parts in detail and confirm that they are in complete condition, without looseness or damage. There is a protective cover at the terminal.

5. Before use, check and confirm that the initial and secondary wiring is correct, and the input voltage is in accordance with the nameplate of the welding machine, and know the type and application scope of welding current of spot welder. After switching on the power, contact the live part of the primary line. The primary and secondary wiring must be equipped with a protective cover.

6. When moving the spot welding machine, the power should be cut off, and the welding machine should not be moved by the method of dragging cable. The power should be cut off immediately when a power failure occurs in welding.

7. When welding copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metals, it must be carried out in a well-ventilated place, and the welding personnel shall wear a gas mask or respiratory filter.

8. When the multiple spot welder is used, it should be connected to the three-phase power supply network to balance the three-phase load. The grounding device of multiple welding machines shall be connected separately by grounding electrode and not in series.

9. It is strictly prohibited to conduct welding on the operating pressure pipe, container with inflammable and explosive material and the stressed member.

10. When welding preheating parts, the radiant heat emitted by the baffle shall be installed.