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Spot Welding Method Of Resistance Welding Machine
Apr 09, 2018

Spot welding method of resistance welding machine is divided into: double-sided single spot welding, single side single spot welding, single side double spot welding, double-side double spot welding, multi-spot welding.

1. Double-sided single spot welding.

All universal welders adopt this scheme. Feed from both sides of welding parts, suitable for welding of small parts and welding spots around large parts.

2. Single spot welding.

This scheme can be used when the side electrode of the part is very poor or the parts are larger and the second time passes. A copper pad on the other side should be considered to reduce the shunt and serve as a counterpoint.

3. Single side double spot welding.

When feeding from one side, weld two points at the same time to increase productivity. A single - sided feed often has an ineffective shunt, wastes electricity, and will not be soldered when the dot is over an hour. In some cases, such as design permitting, a long gap between the top and bottom of the plate can cause a sharp drop in the shunt current.

4. Double side welding.

The only drawback is that two transformers should be made, which are placed on both sides of the welding part, which is also called push-pull spot welding. The power of the two transformers shall be carried out according to polarity.

More than 5. Spot welding

When there are many solder joints on the parts, multi-spot welding is often used to improve the productivity. At present, a set of transformers is generally used for two or four points. A multipoint welding machine can be composed of multiple transformers. It can be used simultaneously with simultaneous pressurization and simultaneous power supply and pressure grouping. According to the productivity, power grid capacity to choose the appropriate solution.