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Use Of Spot Welder
Apr 09, 2018

1. The position of the electrode rod should be adjusted before welding, so that the electrode arm is kept parallel to each other when the electrode is pressed to the welding part.

2. The selection of current regulating switch series can be selected according to the thickness and material of the welding parts. The power indicator light should be bright after the power supply, and the pressure of the electrode can be adjusted by adjusting the spring pressure nut, which can be obtained by changing the compression degree.

3. After the above adjustment, the cooling water can be connected to the power supply for welding. Program of the welding process: welding between the two electrodes and on waste pedal, and allow the electrodes in contact with the weldment and pressure, pressure on waste pedal, power contactor switch, then start working transformer secondary circuit electric heated the weldment. When the pedal is released after welding for a certain period of time, the electrode will rise, and the power will be cut off by the force of the spring to be cut off and then restored. The single point welding process will be concluded.

4, welding preparation and assembly: steel weldment before welding required to remove all dirt, grease, scale and rust, for hot rolled steel, the best welding first after pickling, sand blasting, or with grinding wheel to remove oxide skin. Although spot welding can be carried out without clean welding, the service life of the electrode can be greatly reduced, and the production efficiency and quality of spot welding are reduced. The medium and low carbon steel with thin coating can be welded directly.