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Voltage And Permissible Plug Power Of Spot Welder Power Supply
Aug 21, 2018

First of all, you should know the voltage of the power supply and the allowable plug-in power, then adjust the input terminal according to the corresponding voltage of the spot welding machine, then check whether the output terminal of the spot welding machine is in the connection state you need, and then check whether the shell of the spot welding machine is connected to the ground wire, after the above check can be turned on. The source is used. Connect the power supply, turn on the switch, clamp the welding rod, adjust the current, and start working. The most basic is to protect the eyes, hands and feet will not be very serious even if the injury, resistance welding, electroslag welding, automatic welding, eyes must be well protected, complete protection, mask, gloves, clothing. 7. Common types of flash spot welding machines use high temperature arcs generated by short circuit between positive and negative poles to melt solder and welded materials on the electrode. Welding transformer has its own characteristics, that is, the voltage drops sharply. Flash spot welding machine light harm to human body and prevent welding operation, will produce harmful to human body welding arc light. Arc welding mainly includes infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light. These belong to the hotline.  The radiation wavelength of welding arc is less than 290 m micron at 3000 C and less than 230 m micron at 3200 C. When light radiation acts on the human body, tissues in the body will be absorbed, resulting in tissue thermal, photochemical or ionization, resulting in acute or chronic damage to human tissues. The harm of infrared rays to human body is mainly caused by the thermal effect of tissues. During the welding process, the eye is subjected to intense infrared radiation, will immediately feel intense burns and burning pain, flash hallucinations. Long term contact may cause infrared cataract and loss of vision, which can lead to blindness in severe cases. Visible light is about 10,000 times as light as the naked eye normally receives. When visible light radiates the human eye, it produces a pain and can't see clearly. It is often called "shaking eyes" and loses the ability to work in a short time.  The harm of ultraviolet radiation to human body is mainly photochemical action, which damages human skin and eyes. After the skin receives the intense ultraviolet radiation, may cause the dermatitis, the diffuse erythema, sometimes appears the small blister, the exudate, has the burning feeling, itches; When the function is intense, accompanied by the whole body symptom: Headache, dizziness, easy fatigue, nervous excitement, fever, insomnia and so on. Ultraviolet radiation over human eyes can cause acute corneal and conjunctivitis in the eyes, namely, electro ophthalmia. Most of them developed symptoms 4-12 days after irradiation, including high shame, tears, foreign body sensation, tingling, redness and swelling of the eyelids, spasm, headache and blurred vision. In order to prevent the harm of welding arc light to human body, welding work must wear a smooth surface, high reflection coefficient work clothes, wear gloves, shoe caps, do not allow welders to roll up their sleeves or wear short sleeves, open collar to engage in welding work. After wearing the work pants, ensure that the length of the squats is enough to avoid exposure to the wrist and burn by the arc. Masks with special filter lenses must be used. Filter lenses must be qualified products manufactured by the designated factories of the state. General sunglasses should not be used at will. In order to protect the eyes of other workers in the welding area from injury, a barrier should be set up around the welding site, the area of the barrier, welding workers should always remind other workers to avoid, conditional units can be equipped with protective glasses to other workers in the welding area to avoid arc damage. The AC spot welding machine is essentially a special step-down transformer. The 220V and 380V alternating current are converted into low voltage DC. AC spot welding machine is a spot welding machine whose output power is AC power. In order to make the welding proceed smoothly, the transformer power supply has the following characteristics according to the welding process: AC spot welding machine has the characteristics of voltage drop. General electrical equipment requires that the voltage of the power supply does not change with the load, and its voltage is constant, such as 380V (single phase) or 220V. Although the voltage connected to the welded transformer is certain, such as 80V or 220V, the voltage output through the transformer can vary with the output current (load).
And the voltage decreases rapidly with the increase of load. This is called the steep drop characteristic or the descent characteristic. This adapts to the various voltage requirements for welding: (1) primary voltage: that is, the external voltage connected to the spot welding machine. Because the voltage required at both ends of primary coil of arc welding transformer is 380V, the voltage of AC spot welding machine connected to power grid is 380V. (2) Zero Voltage: In order to ensure frequent short-circuit (electrode and weldment contact), the voltage can be automatically reduced to zero, in order to limit the short-circuit current does not increase indefinitely and burn the power supply. (3) No-load voltage: In order to meet the needs of arc initiation and safety, no-load (welding) requires no-load voltage of about 60-80V, which can not only smooth arcing, but also relatively safe for people. (4) Working voltage: After arcing, the voltage is required to automatically drop to the voltage required for normal arc operation, that is, working voltage, about 20-40V, which is also a safe voltage. (5) arc voltage: the voltage at both ends of the arc, which is within the range of the working voltage. When welding, the length of the arc will change: arc length, arc voltage should be higher; arc length, arc voltage should be lower. Therefore, arc welding transformer should adapt to the change of arc length to ensure the stability of the arc. The current voltage is reduced by three phase main transformer.