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Welding Advantages Of High Precision Resistance Welding Equipment In The Future
Apr 09, 2018

High precision resistance welding equipment is especially suitable for welding of thin and thin metal materials due to the precision of welding time, current and pressure. In the actual production process, welding is a mass production process, so it is easy to produce high scrap rate. However, it can avoid the occurrence of this situation if the immovable welding method copper precision welding equipment and use can reduce the loss of electric quantity, reduce the cost and provide the production efficiency. With the rapid development of the electronic industry in China, the precision welding process has been paid more and more attention by electronic manufacturers. Established in 1980, dongguan jingwelding machinery precision welding equipment co., LTD. Is dedicated to the research of precision spot welding and hot pressing welding technology. And develop and produce supporting equipment. Products are widely used in the battery, electronic appliance, thermal meter, mobile phone, motor rotor and other precision hardware products. Although precision welding has developed relatively mature abroad, it is a new industry in China. Welding requires first-class welding equipment, and needs first-class welding technicians. Fine welding machinery continuously forge ahead, challenge difficult welding, at the same time the introduction of first-class welding technology, in combination with the practical needs of domestic customers, through the efforts of people fine welding, roll out a series of pulse, energy storage type, medium frequency inverter type precision resistance welding equipment products. Meet all kinds of welding requirements of customers.

1. Medium frequency transformer is small in size, light weight, weight reduction 60%) relative to the ac power frequency transformer, material consumption, saving space, easy installation, operation to improve the production efficiency, reduce working intensity.

2. Compared with the 50Hz conventional spot welding machine, the intermediate frequency dc system can get the same size of solder in 50% energy.