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What Aspects Should Be Noticed In Welding Instructions For Spot Welding Machines?
Sep 25, 2018

Welding operation of spot welding machine (1) close power switch (4 seconds) wait for soft start delay (4 seconds); confirm parameter group (GP); check parameter value (4) confirm that "RDY / SCH" is in the "RDY" position; normal indicator (read light, trouble light out)confirm that each state is set correctly (SGW / CTW, ION / IOF, III / UU / PPP) Check the normal operation of the machine and activate the foot switch to carry out the normal welding process. Note: welding is not allowed to place the hands between the electrodes to avoid crushing. When the electrode is trimmed or adjusted, the machine is in shutdown or ensures that the pedal switch does not start correctly. Splash may occur during welding and protective measures shall be taken to protect the body, machinery and parts from damage. 5. Special applications require hardware connection or software support for different welding parameters, multi-head applications and automation applications. Be sure to consult our technicians first. 5.1 Spot Welding Machine Automation Application This machine provides welding end, fault, counting, RS232 signal interface and a set of start-up signals, can be with PLC, industrial control computer and other components of automatic welding system. The automation system should pay attention to the correct connection and working procedure. Please contact us beforehand. 6. Installation and debugging 1. Install the power supply in a suitable position to ensure stability, safety, ventilation and meet environmental requirements. (2) Connect the transformer box with the machine head, the transformer box with the power control box, connect the solenoid valve control line, start-up control line and other necessary control lines, and ensure that the connection is correct; (3) Connect the air source, water source (when the machine head is water-cooled) and the power supply, to ensure that the connection is correct; (4) Open the power supply, carry out the parameter group. Select, check parameters and modify parameters; _RDY / SCH state in RDY; _SGW / CTW, I I / UUU / PPP set to the corresponding state, ION / IOF set to IOF state; _pedal switch, spot welding machine to check whether the welding cycle is normal; _ION / IOF set to ION state, for welding. Check the monitoring value and adjust the monitoring parameters. Normal welding. It is suggested that the welding parameters of various workpieces should be carefully adjusted to achieve the best welding effect, and these parameters (current, time, pressure, electrode material and shape, etc.) should be recorded for future reference. The welding parameters of different workpieces are stored in different parameter groups, and the list is explained to facilitate operation selection.