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Spot Welding Machine

  • AC Spot-welder

    AC Spot-welder

    PM03/ PM05 PM03/ PM05 type AC spot welding machine adopt a single chip to control the welding time and welding heat output, the welding current is very stable, precise welding time, welding effect consistency, welding pressure is adjustable, the welding current, with the dial...Read More
  • Pneumatic Spot-welder

    Pneumatic Spot-welder

    The PM05Q type spot welding machine applies computer integrated circuit technology to realize precise control of welding current and welding time, stabilize output current, compensate for the fluctuation of electric network, achieve good consistency of welding effect, and...Read More
  • AC Point Welding Machine

    AC Point Welding Machine

    The PM08 type AC spot welder adopts the ZH-31A welding machine head and the TH-10 series precision welding controller's spot welder. In the electronics, instrument, light industry, machinery and other industries, a variety of small stainless steel and nickel and other...Read More
  • Double-headed Spot-welder

    Double-headed Spot-welder

    PM05B-2/ PM05B-2Q PM05B-2 double-headed spot-welder adopts double precision welding and die structure, according to the user needs to configure the precision welding controller and pedal pneumatic pressure double point single spot welding modes of different welding pressure...Read More
  • AC Mash Welder

    AC Mash Welder

    P103-3/ P105-1 P103-3 type AC spot welding machine adopt a single chip to control the welding time, P105-1 spot welding machine using SCM chip to control the welding time.and they are welding heat output, stable welding current, welding time accurate, welding effect...Read More
  • AC Spot-welding Machine

    AC Spot-welding Machine

    P103-4/ P105 The welding time precision control of the welding machine, electric current and voltage can be adjusted to, easy operation, labor saving, wide application range, in power, instrumentation, light industry, machinery and other industries, for a variety of small...Read More
  • Pneumatic AC Spot-welding Machine

    Pneumatic AC Spot-welding Machine

    PM100Q/ PM200Q/ PM400Q/ PM16Q/ PM35Q/ PM63Q The spot welding machines adopt computer chip to control the welding time and heat. The output current is very stable and the welding time is very precise. The pneumatic technology makes the operation easier and the welding pressure...Read More
  • Pneumatic AC Projection Welder

    Pneumatic AC Projection Welder

    PM50Q/ PM80Q PM50Q pneumatic ac projection welder Main technical parameters: Specifications PM50Q Rated capacity 50KVA The input voltage 380V/50HZ The maximum short-circuit current A A A A Welding ability (stainless steel) 3+3mm Electrode stroke 50mm The electrode arm spacing...Read More
  • Automatic Doubling Welder

    Automatic Doubling Welder

    PM100Q-2/ PM150Q type automatic welding machine adopts AC line computer chip to control the welding time and welding heat, PLC control of automatic movement automation equipment. It has the characteristics of stable current, accurate time, easy operation, good consistency of...Read More
  • Automobile Lamp Focusing Welder

    Automobile Lamp Focusing Welder

    With the introduction of Japanese joint venture exchange microcomputer control of multi pulse welding power source of the machine, with the visual operating system of video transmission, suitable for H3, H4 and other auto electric lighting lamp, optical focusing, and then the...Read More
  • Pneumatic Energy-storing Spot Welder

    Pneumatic Energy-storing Spot Welder

    PM113K/ P115/ PM115K/ P320/ PM118K/ P1108-1/ PM1020Q/ PM1030Q PM1010Q type energy storage spot welder is a new type of welding machine with welding head, welding controller and welding transformer. PM1010Q/ PM1012Q / PM1040Q type energy storage spot welders are a new type of...Read More
  • Double-headed Energy-storing Spot Welder

    Double-headed Energy-storing Spot Welder

    The double energy storage spot welding equipment has changed the traditional welding methods, the control, capacitor thyristor, discharge, instant release of three big current on the workpiece welding, the device can be used for single point welding, and can be used for three...Read More
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